Safety - Strip® is a continuous tear cord incorporated into downhole cable and capillary tube encapsulations to facilitate safe and fast encapsulation removal without risk of damage to the underlying tube. This innovative product eliminates the use of open blades or mechanical devices when removing encapsulation.

Safety-Strip® Improves Safety
Reduces the risk of injury by eliminating the need for:

  • Open Blades
  • Double Handled Knives
  • Powered Stripping Devices

Safety-Strip® Improves System Reliability
Maintains a smooth sealing surface on the tube:

  • Eliminates scoring of the tube by use of knives
  • Eliminates gouges and nicks from mechanical devices

GCDT offers a range of encapsulations with Safety - Strip® for downhole applications. These encapsulations are available in numerous configurations, materials and dimensions including Flatpacks with cables, chemical injection and control lines

Safety - Strip® is patent protected and a registered trademark of GCDT.

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