GCDT offers a range of cable & control line protectors. Protectors are installed onto the production tubing string to hold, support and protect downhole instrument cable, Flatpacks, ESP cable and chemical injection lines.

HD - Heavy Duty Protector
The HD (Heavy Duty) Protector is a robust all-cast steel protector designed for arduous service. It includes an interlocking fastening mechanism that prevents shear stresses from being applied directly to the retaining bolts by dispersing impact-related forces into the cast body. In addition to the interlocking fastener, the HD (Heavy Duty) design also incorporates features that provide load ratings greater than those of other cast cable protectors. The HD (Heavy Duty) has been designed as a universal protector that covers a range of tubing connections and accommodates a multitude of line configurations

LT - LiTe Protector
The LT (LiTe) Protector is a sturdy all-cast protector designed for routine applications. It has many of the Heavy Duty (HD) design features, including the interlocking fastening mechanism, but with reduced overall weights that decrease cost and enable easier installation. As with the HD, the LT has been designed as a universal protector to cover a range of tubing connections and to accommodate a multitude of line configurations.

LC - Line Clamp Protector
The LC (Line Clamp) Protector is a cost effective all-cast steel protector for basic line configurations. The LC protector incorporates the many of the same design features as the LT, including the interlocking fastening mechanism. The LC is manufactured in a range of standard sizes, and several designs are kept in inventory for reduced lead times.

SL - Slim Line Protector
The SL (Slim Line) Protector features a cast body with low profile steel straps to reduce the overall running OD. As with our other protectors, it includes interlocking fastening mechanisms that prevent shear stresses from being applied to the bolts by dispersing impact related forces into the robust cast body. The reduced running OD makes the SL design ideal for completions with tight clearances

BC - Banded Cover Protector
The BC (Banded Cover) Protector is a cast steel protective line cover that is designed for shallow wells with little or no deviation. The BC straddles the collar and is held to the tubing string with steel bands. The cast steel BC provides superior axial and lateral load protection compared to molded polymer and folded sheet steel covers. The universal BC Protector can be used over a variety of tubing connections and accommodates several standard line configurations.

Specialty and Custom Designs
GCDT has a range of specialty protectors to protect lines as they pass over safety valves, tubing cross-overs, chemical injection and gas lift mandrels etc. We also design and manufacture custom designs for many customers.

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