GCDT offers a full range of control lines. Control lines can be supplied encapsulated or flatpacked with other control lines, downhole electrical or fiber optic cables. Flatpacks are commonly used when several different lines are terminated at approximately the same depth in the well. Common applications include intelligent well systems, deep-set chemical injection lines with downhole gauge cable, and safety valve lines. For some applications bumper bars are also encapsulated into the flatpack to provide additional crush resistance.

Flatpacks are available in a large range of different configurations, materials and dimensions. All encapsulated control lines and flatpacks can be supplied with GCDT's Safety-Strip®. Safety-Strip is a continuous cord incorporated into the control line encapsulation to facilitate the safe and fast removal of the encapsulation without risk of damage to the underlying tube.

All GCDT capillary tubes are manufactured according to applicable ASTM standards for each specific material. Tubes can be flushed, filled, filtered and pressure tested per client requirements.

GCDT chemical injection and control lines are available in a wide variety of materials, sizes, and finishes, including (but not limited to) any combination of the following:

Materials 316L,  A825,  A625,  Duplex
Diameter 1/8",  1/4",  1/2",  3/8",  5/8"
Wall 0.028",  0.035",  0.049",  0.065",  0.083"
Encapsulation Bare, Round, Square, Flatpacked, Color-Coded and with Safety-StripĀ®

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